Wigs require a special standard of care and maintenance. That’s why at Ludlows, we offer professional wig cleaning services to make sure your wig stays in top shape.

We recommend that wigs be cleaned at least once a year to maintain their professional aesthetic. Your wig will be in good hands with our thorough wig cleaning services and repairs team.

Our cleaning process is gentle but detailed and it doesn’t affect the colour of the wig. We remove all types of dirt, grime, odours and sulphurs. Then, we trim and re-shape the wig to perfection.

Melbourne legal advocates can simply drop their wig into our store for cleaning and repairs at anytime.

For those outside of Melbourne, simply send your wig to our Melbourne store, using a secure freight/express service. We will notify you when the wig arrives, then commence refurbishing your wig. You can expect the wig returned within seven business days.

Wig Cleaning